“To be honest,” admitted Dr. Dragon,”I have never considered being a doctor as my true calling. Which is why I wanted to meet with you Dr. Briefcase. I was wondering if you would not mind taking over my current patient list? I have other plans for my future, you see?”

“May I say,” ventured Dr. Briefcase as diplomatically as he was able, “You have made a wise decision. And of course, I shall be happy to take over your current patient list, as well as to arrange for the rescue and recovery of those patients who have been washed out to sea.”

Dr. Briefcase took over the current patients, as well as the patients caught up in currents, of Dr. Dragon, and he treated them all to a splendid supply of sunbeams.

Dr. Dragon was able to realize his true calling, which was to be a castaway upon a remote desert island, where he spent his remaining days in a gloomy obscurity.